AJ McLean Shares How He Lost 32 Pounds Amid Sobriety Journey

AJ McLean has reached a major milestone.

As the Backstreet Boys star celebrated one year of sobriety, he reflected on how his journey has benefitted him both mentally and physically.

“Drinking caused weight gain,” he told Today in an interview published Sept. 27, “but it also weighed down my mental state.”

From a physical standpoint, McLean shared that he’s “in the best shape of his life,” losing 32 pounds since February by removing alcohol and fast-food from his diet, eating more protein and exercising five days a week.

“I weighed myself this morning,” the singer, who’s documented his transformation on social media, continued, “and I’m 138.”

From a mental health perspective, McLean noted his sobriety has also helped him reconnect with his true self Alexander James McLean—and not just be the boy band member AJ.

“AJ is kind of the celebrity who was living the rockstar lifestyle and Alex got stuffed down,” he told Today. “But now I’ve come to a place where they can both coexist.” 

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