Delhi Metro highlights importance of ‘staying behind the yellow line’ with clip from India-England women’s match

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation used a clip from the recently concluded series between England and Indian women’s teams to highlight the importance of staying behind the yellow line while waiting at the platform for the train. The clip shows the ‘most-talked-about’ run out of England cricketer Charlie Dean during the third ODI at Lord’s. It has sparked a debate over “fair play and the spirit of the game”.

India’s Deepti Sharma run out Dean in the 44th over of the England innings when she was backing up too far at the non-striker’s end. The dismissal is popularly known as ‘Mankading’ after former India player Vinoo Mankad. It refers to the non-striker being run out by the bowler as the batter leaves the crease while the bowler is still in their stride. The match ended with India winning by 16 runs and clinching the ODI series 3-0.

The dismissal, though being in the laws of the game, is frowned upon and it has led to a debate over whether Dean should have been warned first. The Delhi Metro’s tweet aims to highlight the important message of staying behind the yellow line for a passenger’s safety.

See the tweet below:

Posted Tuesday, the tweet has received more than 2,200 likes so far. “This is a good one,” commented a Twitter user along with laughing emojis. “Nicely depicted,” said another.

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