G-Eazy’s Wildest Fan Encounter Will Make You Blush

The life of a musician has its perks, one of them being the love they receive from fans.

But sometimes, fans like to show their devotion in unconventional ways. On the latest episode of E! News’ digital series DRIVE!, rapper G-Eazy dished all about his wildest fan encounter while cruising around Hollywood in his 1965 Mustang Fastback.

The 33-year-old exclusively told host Austin J. Mills that fans will sometimes throw undergarments up on stage during a performance, some of which include interesting notes.

“Occasionally, a rather large bra will be thrown on stage, and on one side, there will be one phone number, and on the other, there’ll be another,” G-Eazy shared. “And I’m always curious, saying, ‘Well, how would I know who this belongs to, the right or the left?’ It’s fairly bizarre.”

As for whether he’s gone on any dates with those fans? G-Eazy dodged the question and changed the topic, prompting Austin to react, “Possibly, wow.”

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