Here’s How Season 2 of Stranger Things Almost Ended

But apparently, the situation could have been even more dire. Throughout the season, Will became controlled by the Mind Flayer after his season one visit to the Upside Down. And though he emerged (somewhat) unscathed, the writers have confirmed Will could have been the cause of his father-figure’s death, who apparently was doomed either way. 

Plus, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon: In the season four finale, Will confirmed that he and Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) are still connected after their season two encounter. And now that Vecna has succeeded in merging the Upside Down with Hawkins, Indiana, things are clearly about to go haywire. 

“We all know by now that Vecna and Will have history,” Bower told E! News exclusively in July. “So it would be a joy to get back in there, as I’ll gently put it.”

Hopefully, we’ll find out Will’s fate sooner rather than later. The same Twitter account confirmed the writers’ room is now working on season five of the Netflix mystery drama, tweeting on Aug. 2, “Day 1.”

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