Hindutva is a way of life, why is it related to extremism, asks actor Aashiesh Sharma

Actor Aashiesh Sharma on Tuesday said that “Hindutva” is a way of life and asked why the word is related to extremism.

Sharma was speaking while announcing the launch of his film “Hindutva – Main Hoon Hindu” in Ahmedabad.

Producer Sanjay Choudhary said that the film helps understand Indian culture. Directed by Karan Razdan the film focuses upon the ideas of “Hindutva” through youth politics in an educational institution. The main character of the film, Bharat, played by Sharma, fights to save the idea of “Hindutva” which is in “danger”.

In a media interaction, Sharma said, “If you ask anyone today what is ‘Hindutva’, an extreme definition comes in my mind of the young. Why is the word related to extremism? Hinduism is the western definition being propogated by certain section of the society. What is the problem with Hindutva, the Hindi word for Hinduism? We are just presenting the right definition of the word through our film. It is not a religion, it is a way of life.”

Asked why was the film being released close to the Gujarat elections, Choudhary said, “What we have been living since childhood does not need any election.”

Sharma added that it was not any kind of “support” for the Gujarat Assembly elections.

The film will be released in cinemas on October 7 2022, across the country.

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