How Jenna Dewan Feels About Being Part of JoJo Siwa’s “Gay Awakening”

Nothing but love.

After Jojo Siwa gave credit to Jenna Dewan for being a part of her “gay awakening,” the actress responded with her own reaction video.

Clearly touched by the “Boomerang” singer’s confession, Jenna reposted the video and clip of herself side-by-side, where she danced, dished out a virtual high-five and laughed along.

The Step Up star added the sweet caption, “Jojo i have never been more honored,” which prompted Jojo to chime in and comment, “ICONNNNNN FOREVERRRRRR.”

ICYMI, on Oct. 5, JoJo posted a freestyle rap of her “gay awakening story” involving Jenna as part of the TikTok trend “One Thing About Me.”

“She did a really great Magic Mike number,” the 19-year-old rapped, referencing the actress’ re-enactment of then-husband Channing Tatum‘s performance of Ginuwine‘s “Pony” on a 2016 episode of Lip Sync Battle.

“I pretty much watched it every day,” JoJo said, adding of her younger self, “Little me, well, she didn’t know she was gay.

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