‘India needs to embrace its scriptures to retain identity’ | India News

NEW DELHI: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday said India needs to retain its essence and identity by embracing its scriptures and ancient history and shouldn’t try to imitate other countries, or else it would become a “laughing stock”.
The process of preserving identity and connecting with “our glorified past” can’t be undertaken overnight and will require a sustained campaign, he said at the launch of book, ‘Connecting with the Mahabharata’. “If we would take an about-turn suddenly, the vehicle will topple. ,” he said.
He said it was unfortunate that people “accepted narrative of powers that came from outside” and sought to “ridicule our history, ancestors, values and cultural practices.” “There’s a need to read and feel proud of our scriptures and history and create a narrative based on them. We can’t be China, Russia or USA,” he said. Bhagwat further said several powers from outside India “tried to run down our past because they wanted to assert their supremacy. We have forgotten our history. When people told us our ancestors are foolish, it was for their own sake, but why did we believe it. This was our fault,” he said.

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