Kelsea Ballerini Signals She and Halsey Don’t “Talk Anymore” In Song

Friends no more.

Kelsea Ballerini released her album Subject to Change on Sept. 23, and one song in particular is raising eyebrows. In the track “Doin’ My Best,” the country star hints at a broken friendship, singing, “I was friends with a pop star / I put ’em on track four, but / Wish I could take it back, I woulda never asked / If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymore.”

Internet detectives hypothesized that the unnamed pop star is Halsey, who joined Kelsea on “The Other Girl,” the fourth track on her 2020 album, Kelsea.

Without confirming the person’s identity, Kelsea spoke about the song on Audacy’s Rob + Holly Show Sept. 15, saying, “The intention behind that lyric—because I do feel like I do have to say this—it is not meant to be a shady lyric.”

“The whole idea of that song—just because that song is going to be one that people talk about and I know that—it’s the idea of taking ownership of my cringe,” she continued. “I wanted to acknowledge all of the things that people have watched happen in my life and just go, ‘Yep. Here’s the messiness. I’m owning it, I’m doing my best.'”

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