Kirsten Dunst’s Hairstylist Reveals the Reason for Dramatic New Hair

Kirsten Dunst seems to have been beguiled by the fun and fierceness of Milan Fashion Week.

The Bring It On actress stepped out in style to attend the Bottega Veneta runway show on Sept. 24, wearing a sleek black sweater, cuffed denim jeans and black angular heels. And while her effortlessly chic outfit was noteworthy, it was her dramatic hair change that stole the spotlight.

Kirsten, who chopped off a total of six inches, per her hairstylist Marcus Francis, unveiled a wavy chin-length bob at the fashion show.

“She’s always inspired to do something different,” Marcus exclusively told E! News, “and since she felt her length was ‘just there’ and didn’t feel interesting, she was ready for a change.”

Marcus noted that they originally thought about doing bangs, but decided to cut her hair the shortest it’s been in 17 years.

“We talked about the length she had in her film Melancholia since that felt cool, fresh, yet chic,” the hairstylist explained. “I don’t think we really planned the cut around her being at Bottega Veneta.”

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