Kristin Cavallari Says She’s On a “Major Spiritual Journey”

Kristin Cavallari is finding her inner zen. 

The Uncommon James founder revealed that she recently had a transformative experience while on a trip to Mexico sharing on Instagram that she feels like a brand-new person as a result. Alongside a carousel of pics—including a snap of her friend Justin Anderson—Kristin started off her lengthy caption by giving fans an update on her current relationship status.

“I feel like I need to start by saying Justin is my best friend and he’s gay,” her Oct. 5 Instagram post read. “I’m still single, men.”

She continued, “Ok, but for real this has been the best trip of my life.”

The Hills star shared that she traveled to Mexico for a “4 day detox,” adding that while she’s completed physical detoxes in the past, she’d never done an “emotional and spiritual detox. “

“I’m going home with so much clarity and peace and feeling more connected to myself than I ever have,” Kristin continued. “This trip taught me that comparison is the thief of joy- and I mean even with experiences. If I’m over here wondering why my experience was different than yours, it takes me out of mine and what my experience is trying to teach me. It takes me out of being present.”

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