Nutritionist shares Navratri meal plan that will lessen mood swings, aid digestion

During Navratri, many devotees observe a fast and refrain from eating foods like onion, garlic, and non-vegetarian fare. In case you too are, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has a meal plan that will add the “much-needed diversity to our diets, beat the monotony of roti sabzi, dal chawal, and is a good way to infuse essential fats, minerals, and phytonutrients into our lives.”

According to the nutritionist, Navratri, amongst many other things, is about staying disciplined with food to help nurture our bodies. “It’s the time of the year when the end of Pitru Paksha leads to the beginning of Navratri. Both, in their own way, are a means that use food or anna as a learning tool. Pitru Paksha is about charity and offering food to the ancestors who no longer live in their bodies and in the realm of our world. And Navratri, amongst many other things, is about staying disciplined with food to help nurture the creative and feminine principle in our physical bodies,” she captioned her Instagram post.


Upavaas, or fasting, helps one in “staying close to reality” and is “much more than eat this and not eat that,” she said adding that “immediate benefits” of the meal including making you “less moody, helping balance hormone, smoothening digestion, clearing the skin and making the hair dense.

As such, if you are fasting, here are some of the options you can try

*Meal one — on rising: Fresh fruits, a handful of nuts, overnight soaked raisins with kesar.

*Meal two — breakfast: Singhare ke pakode, sabudana khichdi, sweet potato with dahi, alu ki kheer, chana poori, and halwa (on the last day).

*Meal three — lunch: Rajgira or kuttu or singhare atta ki roti with alu or arbi sabzi, makhane ki sabzi or kuttu ki kadhi with samo chawal, upasacha thalipeeth.

*Meal four — dinner: Samo chawal with dahi, jhangora kheer, paneer ki sabzi with kuttu or singhare or rajgira or banana flour ki roti

*Mid-meals — Fresh fruit, milkshake, chaah, shikanji, kheer, shakargandi ki chaat, sabudana wada with dahi.

“Please make alterations to it based on the region you come from and according to what your grandmom approves,” she suggested.

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