Park Min-young’s agency addresses rumours about her dating wealthy businessman: ‘We ask for your understanding…’

South Korean star Park Min-young‘s agency has stepped forward to address the dating rumours surrounding the star. The What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim star, who is in the middle of shooting Love In Contract, is speculated to be in a relationship with a wealthy businessman named ‘Kang’, according to Korean investigative outlet Dispatch, though the duration of their relationship is unknown. However, her team came out with a rather ambiguous statement to address the issue. The outlet also mentioned the allegations of fraud against Kang, who is also the chairman of one of the biggest digital trading platforms in South Korea.

The statement read, “Hello. This is actress Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment. We are sharing the agency’s statement regarding the report about Park Min Young today. Park Min Young is currently filming for the drama “Love in Contract,” so it is taking a long time to confirm the facts. We ask for your understanding in not being able to relay an exact statement quickly.”

According to the publication, Min-young was spotted heading from work, wrapped in a mask to conceal her identity. If the report is to be believed, she has frequently visited his residence and shares a close rapport with his mother, who was seen exiting his house with her too.

Park Min-young has been caught in several rumours before, the more prominent being Park Seo-joon, and both parties had to come forward to clear the air. The actor is known for starring in several romantic workplace dramas, including Her Private Life, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and more recently, Forecasting Love And Weather.

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