Pregnant Kelly Osbourne Reveals Sex of First Baby

Kelly Osbourne is about to be a boy mom!

The former Osbournes star, who announced her pregnancy in May, revealed that she and boyfriend Sid Wilson will be having a son.

In fact, Kelly–whose brother Jack Osbourne is father to four girls—told Entertainment Tonight that her father, Ozzy Osbourne, was so excited about having his first grandson that he actually spilled the beans about her baby’s sex before she could make the announcement.

“I mean, he’s told everyone,” she shared with the outlet, “….the gender of my baby before I ever got the chance to, and I’m just like, ‘Aww Dad, come on. Like, come on.’ But I will say, every single day he does this little song and this little dance about how excited he is, and he is so excited that it’s a boy. It’s the first—out of me and my brother, it’s the first boy, so, he’s like planning all these things.”

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