PWD begins survey of street infrastructure for 5G rollout in Delhi

Delhi residents will soon be able to enjoy high-speed 5G network connectivity as the Public Works Department (PWD) has begun survey work across the city to roll out small cells for the 5G network by leveraging street furniture such as electric poles, hoardings, etc.

Some divisions have conducted surveys in their area and submitted the data to Geospatial Delhi Limited (GSDL). While others have floated tenders for conducting a topographical survey of various roads under PWD with the help of DGPS (Digital Global Positioning System).

In its survey, PWD will identify areas and locations and street furniture like electric poles, hoardings, overhead sign boards, traffic signals, metro pillars, government offices/property, buildings, government colonies, school buildings etc along with type /size coordinates and will submit the data and drawing marking to Engineer in charge for checking its correctness as per requirement in GSDL.

In this regard, a high-level meeting is scheduled to be held on September 27, under the chairmanship of Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) Vinai Kumar Saxena.

This meeting will be attended by senior officials from the department of telecommunication, ministry of communication, Delhi Police, Delhi Metro Railways Corporation, Delhi Development Authority, and officials from telecom companies.

The infrastructural support for 5G rollout will be provided by government departments like PWD and others. Who will identify government buildings, electric poles, bridges, gantry signages to be leveraged for the rollout and submit the data, following which the telecom companies will roll out cell towers and small cells for the 5G network.

Major government agencies and departments which currently use 4G networks will completely shift to 5G.

Sources also said that a meeting at the level of Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar was also held two weeks ago where telecom companies such as Vodafone, Airtel and Reliance and officials from different departments of Delhi government participated.

“Recently, a meeting was held on the matter where telecom companies and officials from various departments participated, the project is in its initial stage but preliminary work has begun on our side. Basically, in this, the 5G network policy in Delhi will be rolled out by the telecom companies but the government departments concerned will provide infrastructural support to these companies for the implementation of the 5G network across the city,” said a source.

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Another source added, “Currently, the entire country is using 4G networks and to completely shift to a 5G network, infrastructure is important. To provide better connectivity and enhance the network in areas with a high density of mobile phones, telecom companies will leverage street furniture for installing low-power base stations called small cells. These small cells need to be installed every 200 metres so that all consumers in densely populated areas to posh colonies get high-speed network and internet connectivity.”

Sources further added that LG will give his nod for installing small cells for rolling out the technology in buildings of Delhi Police, DMRC, NDMC, and DDA, which come under him. Delhi Government has given its permission for installation in the departments and stretches that come under its jurisdiction.

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