Rs 50 lakh of jewellery stolen from Ghatkopar shop

FEW UNIDENTIFIED persons entered a jewellery shop located in Ghatkopar on Tuesday night and escaped with jewellery worth nearly Rs 50 lakh. The police said they have strong leads in the case and should be able to apprehend the accused soon.

An officer said the incident took place after MG Jewellers shop, located on MG Road in Ghatkopar (east), nearly 50 metres from the Mumbai crime branch (unit VII) office, was closed for the day. The accused entered the shop through a broken window and escaped with silver and gold jewellery kept in the showcase. When the staff at the shop came to work, they found the jewellery missing.  They alerted police. An officer said they found several things amiss.

Firstly, the window through which the accused entered had broken a while back. However, no one bothered to fix it. Secondly, in jewellery stores, once they shut for the day, the jewellery are kept in locker.

In this case, too, while some jewellery was in the locker, the stolen bit was still in the display case.

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