Saif Ali Khan says his character in Vikram Vedha is ‘beyond right-wing’, calls Pushkar-Gayathri’s script among ‘the top five’ he’s ever read

Actor Saif Ali Khan described his character in the upcoming film Vikram Vedha as an extremist who is ‘beyond the right-wing’. Saif had previously distanced himself from the character’s ideologies, and said that he, himself, leans left.

In an interview with UK-based RJ Anushka Arora, Saif said that Vikram Vedha has been designed to appear like a Bollywood action film, but actually has significant depth. He credited directors Pushkar-Gayathri for their unique vision, and revealed that his character’s journey in the film is symbolised via a change in the colour of his attire. While Vikram wears white at the beginning, his clothes become more muddier as the film goes along.

The film is inspired by the Vikram-Betaal folktales, and features Hrithik Roshan as the seemingly villainous Vedha. However, the lines between good and bad become blurred as they interact with each other. He said about Vikram, “It’s a little questionable, his approach. He’s quite an extreme, let’s say, beyond the right-wing, in terms of his outlook.”

Saif also described Pushkar-Gayathri’s script as among the finest he’s ever read. “It’s a cop procedural, it’s a whodunnit as well… It’s a neo-noir thriller… It’s very rare. It’s got to be up there in the top five scripts I’ve ever, ever read in all my time.”

In anearlier interview with Biz Asia, Saif said that Vikram’s philosophy — breaking the law for the greater good — is ‘quite different’ from his own. “I’m much more… probably a bit left-wing, I suppose… I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t say these things anymore today. But yes, I’m really liberal and easygoing, and I think everyone is entitled to a fair trial before judgement. I’m certainly not for executing suspected criminals, which my character seems to love to do,” he said.

Vikram Vedha will be released in theatres on Friday. The film is a remake of Pushkar-Gayathri’s Tamil original, starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, and also features Radhika Apte, Yogita Bihani and Rohit Saraf.

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