Salman Khan reveals mother Salma has stopped watching Bigg Boss, comments on his Rs 1000 cr fee: ‘Never earned this much in my life’

On Tuesday, Colors TV launched Bigg Boss 16 with Salman Khan taking centrestage. Season 7 winner Gauhar Khan, looking as gorgeous as ever, hosted the event and got the Bollywood Bhaijaan to answer a few media questions. While Salman assured that his season will be ‘different, faster and unpredictable’, he also opened up about competition in the genre of captive reality shows. Apart from addressing the speculation around his fees, the actor also revealed that his mother Salma Khan and Karan Johar’s mother Hiroo Johar believe there’s too much violence on Bigg Boss now.

While MTV launched Ace of Space, a show along the same lines as Bigg Boss, earlier this year, Kangana Ranaut hosted Lock Upp. The ALTBalaji series had celebrities locked inside a jail-like setup for 10 weeks as they performed tasks to survive the game. While not mentioning the shows directly, the Bollywood star shared that he feels with more competition, Bigg Boss will become better.

“The more the competition the better it is. The competition will only increase our level and others too. It will increase our reality show’s level. Unless you are trying to pull someone down (pauses), that is not competition. It should be healthy,” he replied.


Addressing the show and its content, the Wanted actor shared that his mother used to love the show but thinks ‘it’s too much’ now. “She used to watch the show till season 14 and now is hooked to other shows on TV. She watches it only when I am there. Even Hiroo aunty (Hiroo Johar) told me that the violence gets too much,” he shared.

When Gauahar Khan asked if they had any advice for him, he said, “They chadhao me that kuch karo unka (They encourage me to pull these contestants up). This is why I get carried away sometimes. They ask me to go and do something and I get all charged up.”

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan star also addressed the rumours of him taking a whopping Rs 1000 crore fee for Bigg Boss this year. Stating that he’s never earned this much money, he also joked that he was about to return the amount, making it a profitable season for Colors TV.


Itna mujhe kabhi life mein nahi milega. Itna mil gaya toh kabhi kaam na karu (I have never been paid this much, and if I had been, I would have never worked again in my life,” he shared, adding that even when he earns a fat cheque, he has a lot of expenses to take care of. Salman said, “I have a lot of expenses, like lawyers. They take no less money than Salman Khan. My earnings is not even one-fourth of it. Also, the Income Tax people notice these reports and come to me, and then find out the truth.”:

He also mumbled softly, “The Rs 1000 crore I was rumoured to get, I was about to return that. I was about to return the money which I never got. So Colors will be in complete profit this year.”

At the launch, Salman Khan introduced social media star Abdu Rozik as the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 16. The Tazikastani singer is also going to be part of the superstar’s film Kabhi Bhai Kabhi Jaan. Bigg Boss 16 is set to launch on Colors on October 1.

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