Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Why She Said Yes to Wolf Pack

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s return to TV almost didn’t happen.

No, really. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum, who is making her way back to our television screens with Paramount+ series Wolf Pack, confirmed this to be true during the Sept. 21 TCA presentation for the streamer.

“I’ve been pitched once, twice, 2000 of these types of shows. Honestly, at first, I had no intention of saying yes to Wolf Pack,” she shared. “When I read the script, it was the first time where my interest was so piqued.”

Gellar will play a chief arson investigator named Kristin Ramsey, who she says is looking for a “place where she belongs, where she will feel seen, heard, and can be herself.”

The series, created by Jeff Davis (a.k.a. the creator for MTV’s Teen Wolf), falls in line with the horror genre Gellar is so well known for.

So, what exactly from the script stood out to the actress? The mental health awareness the show planned to highlight.

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