Seal gets close with a diver. Watch their adorable encounter

Scuba diving is a mesmerising experience for many. The breathtaking marine life offers a visual treat for the divers who plunge into the waterbody. Though diving deep into the ocean also poses dangers from aquatic animals as one can expect an attack at any time. However, in an interesting incident that was captured on camera, a friendly seal got cosy with a diver and seemingly kissed him underwater. A video featuring the seal’s encounter with the diver has surfaced online and the seal’s sweet gesture is winning hearts around the world.

The clip shared by ABC News on Instagram shows the seal approaching the diver. The seal seemingly kisses the man on his cheeks again and again. Water bubbles are seen emerging around them.

In a series of tweets, Ben Burville, an underwater cameraman, shared glimpses of his encounters with seals. In a photograph, a seal is seen placing its face on the diver’s helmet. In another video, a seal is seen examining the diver after he is joined by another diver.

In the third tweet, Burville noted that the seal’s whiskers were tickling his face. “Roughly 23m down this was deeper than my usual encounters … the whiskers were tickling my face!”, Burville tweeted.

Netizens were amazed by the seal’s gesture. A user commented, “It gave you a 💋 kiss with its eyes closed. Almost as in fairy tales. Again: awesome!” Another user wrote, “Ahhh how gorgeous. She was giving you a kiss.”

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