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Khloe Kardashian has denied posting a blatantly obvious photoshopped picture of herself on Instagram and then deleting said picture moments later. The image, which had bent lines in the background to display the photoshop attempt, went viral on social media on Oct. 4. However, Khloe says she never posted the image on her feed. “I never even posted this photo,” she insisted. “Maybe my glam did but I didn’t. Also I mean…the bent lines in the back lol please.” She concluded the message with a crying laughing emoji.

When fans called Khloe out for blaming her glam team for the apparent snafu, she responded again. “Wait not sayin my glam team did that either, I’m just saying I didn’t post this photo on my page. Where’s the receipts that I did lol people are so weird.”

Khloe’s tweet was in response to a fan that was coming to her defense. The fan pointed out that nobody had shared any screenshots of the post ON Khloe’s Instagram feed. Rather, the image was just circulating on its own, leading to speculation that a fan (or hater) had tweaked the image and started the viral rumor.

Of course, this is not the first time that a member of the KarJenner family has been accused of photoshop. Many of the ladies in the fam have responded to photoshop rumors in the past, mostly denying the claims against them. However, earlier this year, Kim Kardashian was exposed for photoshopping Khloe’s daughter, True Thompson’s, face onto Kylie Jenner‘s daughter, Stormi Webster’s body in a series of Disneyland photos posted to Instagram.

Eagle-eyed fans first speculated about the photoshop when Kim posted the image at the end of 2021. However, the accusations resurfaced in April 2022, when Khloe tweeted that she had taken True to Disneyland for the first time for her 4th birthday. Fans immediately brought up the photos on Kim’s page that seemingly showed True at the theme park months earlier, and Khloe knew she’d been caught. “Welllp, I f***ed this one up,” she tweeted at the time.

Later that month, Kim admitted to the photoshop herself, and she explained why she did it. “The original pics were Stormi,” Kim admitted. “However I asked Kylie if I could post them and she said she wasn’t really feeling posting at the moment and so I respect that! But it wasn’t going to mess up my IG feed. [Chicago West] was wearing pink and it matched perfectly. You know I am all about my aesthetic and my IG grid is pink and blue lately. Isn’t it so cute and well planned out! You know how much a good aesthetic means to my soul and I will be damned if Kylie will ruin that for me and mess up my IG grid. So thank you True for taking one for the team.”

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