The true, raw power of positive thinking

The story of Aravind Janardhanan, an aspiring lawyer and a voracious dreamer, will inspire you to be more positive, no matter what life throws your way.

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Being in a wheelchair, Aravind talks about the first question people ask him when they meet him: “What happened to you?” He talks about how he joined the Indian navy as a sailor. He then says he had an accident in 2006, which changed his life forever. 

“I had a motorbike accident.” 

“I was in Mumbai and Pune for treatment. I couldn’t even hold a paper, I had no hand control. During those days, I came to know about the book The Alchemist. When I was laying in bed, I read it, the entire book,” he says in the video. He goes on to talk about how that ignited some inspiration in him.

“We meet thousands of people, but we connect with only a few. We are all messengers. We can be an oracle to many people, and decipher the messages they hold within them,” he says. 

He talks about the positive influence his friends have had on his life. He also explains how he was paralysed below his neck, but still decided he wasn’t going to give up.

Janardhanan talks about how nobody knows where their choices will lead, but it is up to us how we deal with it. His positive thinking saved his life, and gave him the courage to deal with the situation he is in. “Accept that we can’t do everything in this world. We can’t do every single thing. But we need to learn from our lives, that’s how we move on in life.” 

“No one can be you,” he states. Nothing is impossible. No matter what happens, with a whole, open perspective, life always moves forward and we can overcome anything. 

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