This Amazon Fabric Shaver Has 74,900+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

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Conair Fabric Shaver Reviews

A shopper advised, “Buy one for yourself and give away two. You will have those friends for life. Love mine. This is replacing one I had for years. It works really well. And cleans up well too.”

Another raved, “This fabric shaver worked perfectly for me! I was able to clean up a lot of my yoga pants and they look almost new now.”

Someone else gushed, “This shaver is amazing at beautifying and freshening those clothes that have become piled. It is worth it to me to buy this product to keep my clothing in the best shape for years to come.”

“Tiktok made me buy this. I saw a furniture flipper say this is the only one of these that she uses due to the fact that it doesn’t put holes in the items she uses it on. Love it. 10/10. I’ve been using it on my couch but will definitely be using it on clothes in the future,” An Amazon shopper explained.

Another reviewed, “We have some very nice, comfortable, and expensive linen sheets that we had custom-made for our bed. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed when a thatch of pillings started forming on my side of the bed (I guess I toss and turn a lot more than I realized). But after some research, I found out that these things exist. Never did I ever imagine I’d be shaving my bed one day, but that’s exactly what I ended up doing–and it worked! This thing was incredible!”

A shopper wrote, “I can’t begin to express how much I love this little gadget. I half expected it to be a disappointment, as so many items are these days. But no, not even a little bit of that. This does what it claims to do: removes the pills on your sweaters and other items.”

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