Tyler Cameron & Clarins Hosted a Scholarship Gala Honoring His Mom

E!: The first Andrea C. Cameron Foundation Gala is in the books. How does that feel?
TC: It was very rewarding, especially with how it all turned out. It was something that exceeded all expectations and it’s just a testament to how hard so many people worked. It was not just me and I don’t want anyone to think that. Katie Dooley, who’s my assistant, worked so hard on it. The event planners were incredible. The list goes on and on. My mom’s friends really came through and helped me get the ball rolling. It was such a huge team effort. I think the turnout and enthusiasm were a testament to her, truly.

E!: Now that you have one gala down, will it be an annual event?
TC: We have to run it back. We also want to have some smaller events throughout the year, but this will be the marquee, annual event.

I feel like I bit off more than I could chew, but the team just pulled it off and now we have a whole year for the next one. I want to think of cool ways to get more people involved. I would also be interested in getting a bigger venue. We sold out 310 spots and I was surprised at first, but more people still tried to get tickets. Maybe next year we can shoot for 500 people and just try to get bigger each year.

E!: You have two scholarship recipients already, Tatiana and Riley, who graduated high school in May 2022. Tell me about these students why they were a fit to kick off this scholarship program.
TC: We’re trying to build a family with Tati and Riley. The story with Tati means a lot to me. The athletic director of the school told me there’s a student who resembles my mom so much with her energy and the way she helps everyone. He even gave her that compliment before we brought the scholarship idea to them.  

E!: They’re from the high school you went to, right?
TC: Yeah. For our first year, that’s where we focused. We didn’t completely know what we were getting ourselves into, so we wanted to lean on the faculty we already have great relationships with. The principal, the athletic director, and guidance counselor helped us really figure out how to do the interview process and filter through the applications. They were instrumental in helping us make sure we did it right the first time.

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