Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Panday’s Liger is now streaming on OTT. Here’s where you can watch Puri Jagannadh’s film

After massively flopping at the box office, Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger has now arrived on streaming. The Hindi and Telugu versions of director Puri Jagannadh’s film are streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. The film was released in theatres on August 25.

The streaming platform shared the news via social media.

Liger also stars Ananya Panday, Ramya and Mike Tyson. The film’s story revolves around Vijay Deverakonda’s MMA fighter character, who rises from poverty and works towards becoming a world champion. The film was made on an estimated budget of Rs 125 crore, but its collections have been disputed. While a Bollywood Hungama report suggests that the film made just Rs 20 crore in India, Dharma Productions said that it made Rs 33 crore worldwide on day one.

The film was not only loathed by the audience but also by film critics. The Indian Express’ film critic Shubhra Gupta, in her review of the film, called it a ‘cringe-fest of mammoth proportions’, and wrote, “There’s nothing more pleasurable than a masala movie done right. But there’s nothing new or fresh about the ingredients that go into the making of this film: mixed martial arts, snarling boxers, tough-as-nail trainers, and the hero who will pulp everyone single-handedly has been around of years. for years. This excuse-for-a-plot is filled with all kinds of outlandish situations; the treatment is beyond pathetic. The insensitive poking-fun-at-the-guy who stutters is downright distasteful (at one time he’s called a ‘stammering buffoon’ in the English subtitle), and the creation of the leading lady is not just a sexist misfire, it is positively Neanderthal. Who in their right minds will have a female character say, ‘guys look at girls from bottom-up’, AND have the heroine simper at this line? Anyone heard of misogyny?”

There have been reports that after Liger not performing at the box office, Deverakonda is rumoured to return Rs 6 crore to the producers of the film as compensation. There have also been reports of his follow-up collaboration with Puri Jagannadh being canned.

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