Watch Salley Carson Finally Arrive on Bachelor in Paradise

Salley Carson knows how to make an entrance.

In a sneak peek at the Oct. 11 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the 26-year-old, who first appeared on Clayton Echard‘s season of The Bachelorfinally arrives on the beach—with plenty of explaining to do.

“I missed three flights,” Salley says, “but I’m here now!”

Better late than never?

First, it’s important to explain why Salley’s arrival comes with such confusion and bewilderment.

During the Oct. 3 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Salley’s bags arrived, but she, however, did not. Bartender Wells Adams explained to the rest of the cast that a producer had arrived at Salley’s house to escort her to the airport, but Salley was adamant she needed to speak with her ex-fiancé one last time before leaving.

When all was said and done, the producer was allegedly left in the trunk of a car for four hours while Salley tearfully chatted with her ex, before eventually getting to the airport, where she ultimately started missing flights. You can get the full bizarre breakdown here.

Once her toes hit the sand, at long last, Salley’s presence is immediately questioned by the cast, especially Genevieve Parisi.

“I was shocked,” Genevieve says. “We saw Salley’s suitcase, but we didn’t know if Salley would show up. I’m wondering how it’s going to go for her, just not knowing what she’s getting herself into.” 

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