We’re Stealing Elizabeth Hurley’s Surprisingly Simple Health Secrets

If you’ll allow us the early aughts reference, Elizabeth Hurley‘s key to looking and feeling her best has us bedazzled.

Because it’s so simple, the actress—who has been the global ambassador for the Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign for almost three decades—explained how “getting fresh air” is her secret to being healthy from the inside out.

“The most relaxed I can ever be is if I go out into my yard and do some gardening,” the 57-year-old revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News. “When I’m working in the yard, I’m stretching, I’m bending and I find that’s good for both my mind and body.”

“I don’t like so much to go to the gym, but I like to go for really long walks,” she continued, “It’s almost always about going outside.”

As Elizabeth put it, “When you’re feeling healthy, you tend to look healthy.”

When expanding on what that entails, the A-lister added, “Your skin is more likely to glow when you’re eating well and doing exercise than if you’re lying on the couch, watching TV and eating chips,” she said. “If I put myself in a healthy frame of mind, my hair suddenly looks better, my skin looks better.”

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