Who Is G-Eazy’s Ultimate Celebrity Crush? He Reveals…

G-Eazy has dated several famous faces, including HalseyLana Del Rey and, most recently, Ashely Benson. But the rapper’s biggest celebrity crush—whom he revealed on the Oct. 3 episode of E! News’ digital series DRIVE!—is none other than an A-list award-winning actress.

Halle Berry,” he exclusively told host Austin J. Mills. Berry made history as the first Black actress to win Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2002 Oscars for her performance in the film Monster’s Ball.

Like his celeb crush, an Oscar is something the artist hopes to take home one day. During a “0 to 60” rapid-fire question round with Austin, G-Eazy revealed he’d rather take home the film award than win an NBA Final. His pick comes as a surprise to the DRIVE! host, as the two became friends playing in a basketball league together.

G-Eazy continued to show his romantic side while answering more of Austin’s questions, including whether he prefers blondes or brunettes. And being a gentleman, he responded with, “Beautiful women.”

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