Why Iman Doesn’t Want People to Call David Bowie Her “Late Husband”

Iman answered, “Destiny, definitely. How can destiny choose one and not choose another person?”

One sign Iman saw that indicated David could be the love of her life was in the similarities he shared with her dad. Iman said that like her father, David was “very kind, considerate, paid attention to everything.” She said that when David spoke to you, it felt like there was “nobody else in the room.”

Though she was hesitant to date a musician, Iman said that David “wooed me properly” through romantic gestures like sending flowers to her Paris hotel room or meeting her at the gate of her plane at the airport when she landed from a Paris trip.

There was one act of kindness in particular that Iman said “really did me in.”

Iman continued, “We’re walking down the street, and my shoelaces came undone and he got on his knees to tie the shoes.”

The significance? It felt like a moment she had experienced in her childhood.

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