Why Julie Bowen Still Has to Be “Frugal” After Modern Family

And aside her divorce, the Horrible Bosses actress understands the art of saving money, confessing, “I am pretty frugal.”

She shared, “I’ll be perfectly honest. Before, I never had business managers or accountants and I literally took all my money and kept it in cash in a checking account.”

Bowen admitted she is always worried that her next acting gig could be her last, saying, “I’m so afraid that I’m never going to work again and, I’m not kidding, I have such fear.”

But some gigs simply aren’t worth the money. In fact, the actress said she once turned down $700,000.

“It was a job that I didn’t want to do because it would have taken me away from my kids, across the country or something,” she recalled, “and I was like, ‘I can’t do it.'”

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