Why Salley Carson Allegedly Made a BiP Producer Hide in a Trunk

There’s trouble in paradise for former Bachelor contestant Salley Carson

During Oct. 3’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Salley’s luggage mysteriously appeared on the beach—but the robotics consultant herself was nowhere to be found. That meant it was up to Paradise bartender Wells Adams to explain why Salley, who left Clayton Echard‘s season of The Bachelor before it even began to pursue a relationship with her ex-fiancé, didn’t show up along with her suitcase.

According to Wells, a Paradise producer previously showed up to Salley’s house to escort her to the airport for filming, but she didn’t answer the door. Instead, a mysterious man appeared, telling the producer that “Salley ain’t here!” before shutting the door in her face. 

When the unnamed producer was finally able to get ahold of Salley, she wanted to go talk to her ex-fiancé one more time before hitting the beach. But when the two pulled up to her ex’s house, there was a flaw in her plan.

Salley allegedly told the producer, “If he sees you in the car, he’s gonna lose his mind. You need to get in the back.” But Salley didn’t mean the backseat of the car—she meant the trunk.

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