Zach Shallcross Reveals Where He Stands With Rachel Recchia

Zach Shallcross and Rachel Recchia are just rosy. 

The two dated throughout season 19 of The Bachelorette and broke up in part one of the season’s two-part finale. But now, Zach, a.k.a. the newest Bachelor, exclusively gave E! News an update on where he stands with the former Bachelorette. 

“After part one of the live finale, Rachel and I talked. We had some closure,” he shared. “Really, I haven’t talked with her much since then.”

Zach went on to explain that since filming has begun on his season of The Bachelor he doesn’t even think he’s “had his phone” since the finale, so there hasn’t been a way to get in touch. But he’s rooting for a fellow Bachelorette alum to win Rachel’s heart. 

“Last I saw, her and Aven [Jones] had a little bit of a spark on-camera,” he said. “I love and respect Aven, so I want the best for them, if that’s a thing. But I also just want the best for her.”

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